Fatale Electric – Ellen von Unwerth

Director, photographer, and fashion model Ellen von Unwerth has been a key contributor to the Duran Duran story starting with the Liberty artwork in 1990. Her work as director on the “Electric Barbarella” video might have caused some ripples but the video is undeniably beautiful with an intoxicating use of color. While some might find… Continue reading Fatale Electric – Ellen von Unwerth

In Review: Femme Fatale

This week, we’re going to cover Femme Fatale, a cover of the original song released by Velvet Underground in 1986. This song was released as a single in France, and also as a promo single in the Philippines in 1994. The original song was written by Lou Reed at the request of Andy Warhol. It… Continue reading In Review: Femme Fatale