Vodka Friday: Paper Gods Tour Fall 2015 Memories

I’m am beyond glad that it is Friday! I’m not getting a day off as I’ll be working my second (unpaid) job but glad that I don’t have to try to convince 15 year olds that it is really okay to turn their video on during zoom class for at least a couple of days. Instead, I would rather look back five years ago to a what feels like a completely different, more fun reality. Yes, Rhonda and I chat about what our first Paper Gods shows were like in this week’s Vodka Friday. In out case, they took place in California this time of the year. I won’t lie. This chat, this Vodka Friday, certainly brought a discussion that featured the good, the bad and the ugly.



  1. Great video. I was watching/listening and I was remembering some of the ignorance I saw at concerts. It makes all of us look bad when they act like that..

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