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Duran Shopping

For the first time all school year, I am enjoying a weekend without grading.  On top of being a lot less stressed, it also means that I can finally get to some other tasks that have been on my to do list.  One of those jobs is to create my Christmas wish list.  My family, like many, exchanges wish lists.  They truly help my Christmas shopping as I might know, for example, that my brother loves comic books but would have no idea what he has, what he wants, etc.  The same is true when it comes to Duran.  My family knows that I’m a big fan but they won’t know what I have or want.

In a sense of perfect timing, Duran Duran announced on their social media that the Duran webshop has a new look and some new items! You can see all the changes for yourself here.   This, of course, will be my first stop in creating this year’s list.  What is there that I might want?!

New Look

Before I dive into the actual products, I did want to comment on the new look.  I like it.  It seems clean and easy to navigate.  One particular feature that I find helpful is that one can search prices in different currency forms.  It used to be that when I would shop I would have a currency converter open to translate those British pounds to US dollars.  Now, the site does it for me.  Of course, purchases will still be processed in GBP but this way people have an idea of cost.


Many of the categories from the old webshop remain including junior, archive, Paper Gods, etc.  That said, there is now a “lookbook”  which shows the items on actual people.  In the past, some fans have been frustrated by who has been shown wearing the items, if the models are young and nothing like the typical fan.  I get that, but, for me, I just like seeing what the items would actually look like on.  I always recognize that the models for anything might be very different from me.  In this case, there are pics of the band themselves or people connected to the band, which I think is cool.

New Items

When looking in the new items category, I cannot help but notice that there are some from the Japan shows, including a Japanese Tiger T, a Yokoo poster and a Yokoo T.  I have seen some criticism of including those.  People assumed that just those in attendance in Japan would be able to purchase them.  Again, I get wanting to have something special but I also like that people who weren’t able to attend can still get them.  I’m sure that there are some people who even attended to were not able to buy one then but now can.  One item that I did look for was a 2018 calendar.  I didn’t see one. I hear from some fans that there will be one available for pre-order later in the month, but I don’t know anything about that.


I have to admit that I was surprised by some of the items I found in the archives section.  Speaking of calendars, many of the previous years calendars are available to purchase.  Likewise, lots of the tour books are available, including All You Need Is Now, Red Carpet Massacre and even the reunion.  Likewise, t-shirts from All You Need Is Now, Red Carpet Massacre, Astronaut, the Reunion and even Pop Trash are available.  What is fun about some of those items is that they don’t cost as much as the newer items.  Be aware, though, that not all sizes might be available.

All in all, I’m pleased with the new webshop.  I will definitely be adding a few items on to this year’s wish list.  One thing I definitely recommend is getting an account.  Please note that everyone needs to do so to order.  If you are a member of DuranDuranMusic, you will continue to get the 10% discount, which is sweet.  On that note, I’m off to make my list and do a little shopping.


A Little Duran Shopping, Anyone???

Yesterday afternoon I left work wearing a light weight coat, enjoying  the warm wind as the sun was setting.  By the time I woke up this morning, the temperature dropped significantly and I could clearly see snow on the rooftops near me.  The weather reminded me that the end of the year is coming as is winter and upcoming holidays.  Perhaps, some of the holidays you celebrate include ones that involve purchasing gifts for your loved ones.  Maybe, some of your loved ones are people who identify as Duranies.  Here are three gift options for you to consider:

Paper Gods Limited Edition Box Set

Vinyl Factory is offering the following package:

– Custom made magnetised clamshell box with artwork by Alex Israel
– Seventeen kiss cut magnets printed four colours
– Four 12″ white vinyl records housed in bespoke sleeves

– Four art prints screen printed on Rainbow mirri board

– Thirty-six page booklet printed on 150gsm silk paper stock

– Individually numbered certificate, hand signed by DD & Alex Israel

– This is the only product gathering the complete set of songs recorded for the Paper Gods sessions, including exlusive versions of ‘Pressure Off’ and previously unreleased track ‘As Seen From A Distance’
– Limited to 350 copies worldwide
The Track Listing is as follows:


Vinyl 1.
A1. Paper Gods (Feat. Mr Hudson)
A2. Last Night In The City (Feat. Kiesza)
A3. You Kill Me With Silence

B1. Pressure Off (Feat. Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers)
B2. Face For Today
B3. Danceophobia

Vinyl 2.
A1. What Are The Chances
A2. Sunset Garage
A3. Change The Skyline (Feat Jonas Bierre)

B1. Butterfly Girl
B2. Only In Dreams
B3. The Universe Alone

Vinyl 3.
A1. Planet Roaring
A2. Valentine Stones
A3. Northern Lights

B1. As Seen From A Distance
B2. On Evil Beach
B3. Cinderella Ride

Vinyl 4.
A1. Pressure Off (Night Version Feat. Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers)
B1. Pressure Off (Night Version Instrumental Feat. Janelle Monae and Nile Rodgers)

Obviously, most Duran fans focused above the fact that it contains a song called, “As Seen From A Distance,” which would be new to most (all??) of us.  It also includes two night versions of “Pressure Off”.  While most of us would love to get our hands on this package, it is priced at £ 300, which is well beyond most people’s budgets, including mine.  If you do buy this or receive it as a gift, I would love a guest review of it!!!

Duran Duran Music’s New Gold Package

Duran Duran’s official fan community posted the following:

Now Available! In addition to Silver (which you may choose below) the brand new 2016/2017 GOLD level package which includes all of the exclusive content, contests and news included in the SILVER level (a $35 value) PLUS:

GOLD members receive everything in SILVER (a $35 value) PLUS:

• Brand new fan community exclusive gold foil Duran Duran logo’d t-shirt  
• Exclusive Duran Duran logo’d beanie/winter hat
• Exclusive black ceramic coffee mug with gold Duran Duran “Paper Gods” logo
• The classic DD logo’d Micro sticky note pad 
• Custom designed Paper Gods artwork & photograph postcard set
• Exclusive custom designed Paper Gods album artwork stone drink coaster set
• A welcome letter from John Taylor (reproduction)

* Note: There is no membership card in this package 
* Note: Please allow 6-8 weeks (usually sooner) to receive your package

I am usually one to jump at the chance to be the new gold package as I’m a sucker for Duran memorabilia, but this time I opted to just renew with the silver package.  There just was not enough to tempt me.  Besides, I have to say my money for those DC shows.  That said, if you happen to receive the gold package, we would love a guest blog from you.

New Items in the DD Shop:

Duran’s official web store has some new items for sale as well.  Probably the most exciting of the new items is the official calendar for 2017.  Maybe people in the fan community were disappointed that there was not one available last year.  This one features live shots from the Paper Gods Tour:

Of course, there are plenty of other items for sale in the store, including t-shirts, tour book, cell phone cases, magnets, patches and more from this current era.  If you are interested in items from older eras, there are some from All You Need Is Now, Red Carpet Massacre, Astronaut and even the reunion.  Helpful hint:  If you are a member of Duran  Duran Music, you get a 10% discount at the store.

On that note, happy Duran shopping!


VIP Package Review: Summer 2016

My mailbox has been seeing quite a bit of action lately whether it’s the arrival of tickets or boxes filled with VIP merchandise.  Apparently, tour time is just around the corner!  Last fall, I reviewed the VIP package in a blog here.  I thought I might comment on the new one.

Before I start on the actual items, let me refresh everyone’s memory about the different level of VIP packages available for Duran’s upcoming leg of the Paper Gods Tour.  Ticketmaster describes the options this way:

Don’t miss iconic Duran Duran when they return to North America in support of their new album Paper Gods. See the show as an exclusive VIP. Select from a variety of packages which can include: 

The Ultimate VIP Experience 
1 Front Row Ticket 
On-site VIP concierge 
VIP cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages 
An autographed Duran Duran photo 
Behind-the-scenes backstage tour 
A copy of Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” CD 
Custom-designed Duran Duran Bag 
Custom designed Duran Duran beach towel 
A Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate with Lanyard 

The GOLD VIP Experience 
One Premium Ticket in rows 1-6 
VIP cocktail hour with hors d’oeuvres, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages) 
On-site VIP host 
A copy of Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” CD 
Custom designed Duran Duran Bag 
Custom designed Duran Duran beach towel 
Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate with Lanyard 

The SILVER VIP Experience 
1 Premium Seat in Rows 1-6 
Custom-designed Duran Duran Bag 
A copy of Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” CD 
Custom designed Duran Duran beach towel  
Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate and Lanyard 

The BRONZE VIP Experience 
1 Premium Reserved Seat 
A copy of Duran Duran’s “Paper Gods” CD 
Custom designed Duran Duran Bag 
Commemorative VIP Tour Laminate and Lanyard. 


All of the packages receive a Paper Gods CD (these came earlier!), laminate, lanyard and bag.  These have been reviewed previously for the fall leg of the tour.  The only difference is the hook on the lanyard.  In the fall, the hook could be easily opened.  Now, it is more difficult to open, to attach the laminate and is also more likely to be stretched and ruined.  (We use the same type of lanyard at work and I often stretch out the fastener causing me to need new lanyards frequently.)  If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, hopefully the pictures will help.

Lanyard from Fall 2015
Lanyard from Fall 2015
Lanyard Summer 2016
Lanyard Summer 2016

Beach Towel:

As far as the new merchandise goes, they opted to send us beach towels rather than t-shirts this time.  Honestly, that was probably a wise choice.  As much as I like Duran shirts (and I do!), it is always sort of a nightmare when ordering the tickets as I have to remember what sizes to put in and that adds another task before a ticket order can be finalized.  I can also imagine how much difficult it is for Duran’s team to have to make sure to put the right sizes in all of the packages.  As far as the beach towel goes, it matches the Paper Gods cover as you see below.

Beach Towel--Front
Beach Towel–Front

The towel is little less than 5 feet by 3 feet, which seems a bit on the small side.  That said, it is incredibly soft.  In fact, as I told Rhonda, it felt more like a soft blanket.  It has a much better feel to it than the store bought beach towels.  The colors and the images are incredibly vibrant as well.  I also think it is pretty cool that there is no reference to Duran Duran on the front.  The towel lets the symbols representing Duran’s history speak for themselves.  The back of the towel is pure white with a little tag that does identify it as Duran.  I love it!

Beach Towel Tag
Beach Towel Tag

Cocktail Hour:

I obviously can’t speak about the VIP cocktail hour yet as those happen with the shows themselves.  I did attend one at the Hollywood Bowl in the Fall and I have to admit to being a bit disappointed.  They offered a few types of appetizers to eat, some vegetarian friendly (thank you!) and some not.  The wine selection was fine.  My disappointment did not stem from anything the Duran team did or did not do.  It had more to do with the fact that we had just come from a meet-up at the Hard Rock that we had organized where music played, people mingled, took pictures, etc.  It was a more relaxed atmosphere at the Hard Rock and, yes, I’m sure that it helped that I knew more people at our meet-up than at the official VIP party.  That said, I’m looking forward to the ones I will be attending this summer.

Backstage Tour:

Like the cocktail party, those tours take place the night of the shows.  I did not attend one last time and I don’t have Platinum tickets to get one this time.  That said, we did have a guest blog talking about it after the fall leg, which you can read about here.  If anyone attends one this time, we welcome more guest blogs!

Communication and Shipping:

I wondered how these VIP packages would go this time around since most of the tickets were sold through Ticketmaster.  I was concerned that the merchandise wouldn’t come or wouldn’t be right.  Yet, the merch came without a problem.  I also appreciated the emails alerting me to the packages being shipped.  That said, part of me had to wonder if they could have been more efficient by putting all of the packages I purchased into one bigger box rather than multiple smaller boxes.  I wonder if that wouldn’t have saved them money for boxes and shipping.  Of course, I realize that a process like that would require more organization and could result in more errors.


The team surrounding this leg of the tour delivered on the VIP packages.  They arrived on time and with exactly what was promised.  In fact, I haven’t heard or seen one complaint!  The beach towel is super nice, too.  Now, I have to hope that the VIP parties deliver as well.


The Next Thing You Must Have–Duran Shopping

‘Tis the season.  I woke up this morning to lots of beautiful, peaceful, white snow on the ground.  It reminded me that the holiday season is just around the corner.  This means vacation, family time, good food, and more.  This year, the holiday season (no matter your holiday of choice) feels like a good time to appreciate what you have and embrace your loved ones.  For me, this embrace will still include gift giving.  Why?  I like to give gifts and like to make my family and friends happy.  Perhaps, you feel the same or, maybe, your family and friends are trying to figure out some items that they might buy you, the Duranie in their lives!  Here are some suggestions!!

Duran Duran Official Store

During this time of year, I always recommend checking out what is available in the official Duran Duran store.  Usually, there are some new goodies as well as some classics to buy.  Here are the items that have caught my attention!

Holiday Bauble Set


These are due out on Monday!!  I love that they are hand decorated glass and come in a wooden display box.  Super cute!!!

Paper Gods Products

Band t-shirt
Band Paper Gods T-shirt
Rhinestone T-shirt
Paper Gods Rhinestone T-shirt

Both of these t-shirts were available on tour and super cute in person.  The rhinestone one, in particular, is very cute!  The things I really like about the current t-shirts is that they fit really well and are super soft!!!!

Of course, there are more Paper Gods products in the store!  I know that the coffee mugs caught my attention, including the one below:


Classics in the Store:

Airline bag
Airline bag

Planet Earth shirt

I also love, love, love that there are items with various logos representing various Duran Duran eras.

Beach Towel
Beach Towel

Shopping Elsewhere

Even if these products don’t suit your fancy, there is plenty more Duran Duran related items to buy this year.  One item that I might recommend is:

Paper Gods Vinyl


I know it is available at Amazon and I just read that it is available at Barnes and Noble in the US as well!  To me, vinyl really makes me appreciate the music more and this one is no exception!  Speaking of this musical format, Amazon also has Notorious and Big Thing available on vinyl, too!!

Unstaged on DVD

Unstaged front

My copy of this just arrived!  Be on the look out for a review of it soon!!!

Cover Albums

Perhaps, your interest in Duran Duran covers has been renewed or ignited after hearing and buying your copy of Eagles of Death Metal’s version of Save a Prayer.  If so, here are some cover albums that you might want to check out!

Making Patterns Rhyme cover
Making Patterns Rhyme
The Duran Duran Tribute Album
The Duran Duran Tribute Album
 Electroclash Undone: An Electro Tribute To Duran Duran

Electrotrash Undone: An Electro Tribute To Duran Duran


Perhaps, you are interested in adding some books to your library that have a Duran connection.  For recommendations, please check out some of the ones we like right on our homepage.  🙂

What else am I missing?  Ah…yes.  Maybe, some might opt to give money for touring.  After all, concerts aren’t free!  Perhaps, you all need a reminder of how good Duran Duran is.  If so, I recommend watching this brand new clip of their performance on the Graham Norton show:

On that note, happy shopping for the Duranie(s) in you/your life!


Paper Gods VIP Package Review

31 days from now, I will be leaving to head to the west coast, to California, to see my partner-in-crime as well as other friends, and to go on tour!  In some ways, I can’t really believe it!!!  It has been so long since I have seen a full show that part of me started to feel like it was normal to not tour.  I started to believe that I would never tour again.  Even after buying tickets to shows, part of me doubted that it was going to happen.  Like the album, even with ticket confirmations in my email inbox, I could ignore and put the tour on the back burner.    Yesterday, though, it hit me.  It really hit me.  I’m going on tour soon!  What caused this?!  Simple!  The merchandise for the VIP package arrived!!!  It felt like Duran Christmas or a birthday (or a pretty view!).  Who doesn’t love opening up packages with Duran stuff in it?!  That said, I thought people might be curious as to what I thought about what we got!

The VIP package contains 4 items:  tote bag, t-shirt, laminate, and lanyard.  3 of the 4 items were very focused on Paper Gods with the album cover theme.  The t-shirt was not.  So, what do I think of each item and the package as a whole?


In case, you don’t know what I’m talking about, a laminate is like my work id card that is worn to show, to indicate one’s status as a VIP.  In the past, Duran has included these in their tours as well.  Yet, there has been a varying degree of quality.  For example, for the Astronaut tour, it appeared that the laminate was created with a piece of paper and a simple laminating machine.

Astronaut Tour Laminate

For the All You Need Is Now tour, they appeared a little more professional.

2011 Tour Laminate

This time around, clearly, they are even better!!


In this case, there is no plastic shown at all.  It looks very professional!  I’m impressed!  The only thing that could have improved them would be to add the location and date on it.  Clearly, yes, these are universal, which is fine, but I wouldn’t mind the reminder of when and where I went VIP to a show.


If you look at the first two pictures above, you can see what the lanyards looked like for previous VIP packages.  Basically, they were like shoestrings that had a fasten at the end to attach to the laminate.  In the case of the first one, the lanyard was black and, in the case of the second one, it was white.  Both were fine, in my opinion.  I would not have even thought about how to improve this part of the package before I saw the one sent for this one!


This is NOT just a shoestring, by any stretch of the imagination.  No, it is silk like material and very obviously displays the color scheme of the album along with the stickers and logo.  It truly goes along perfectly with the laminate.  I’m impressed.

Tote Bag:

How many of you use tote bags?  I do.  I use them a lot.  I use them at the grocery store or places like Target all the time.  I’m one of those people who want to carry all of my packages in at one time and tote bags make this much easier for me.  Thus, I have a collection.  I even have a Daily Duranie one.  (You can, too!  Visit our Cafe Press page here to get one for yourself!)  Anyway, I was excited by the one that came with the VIP package.

Tote bag

Again, it captures the album art well and the image is sharp.  I could almost see discussions take place as people want to know what the various pictures represent.  I also appreciated that it was of good quality.  While it isn’t super huge, it can hold some weight as it isn’t paper thin (ha!).


I am a sucker for all things Duran, in terms of merchandise.  I won’t lie.  I’m an easy sell, which is why I have a ton of Duran t-shirts.  I stopped counting how many because I fear that I crossed the line into ridiculousness.  That said, I couldn’t wait to see what the t-shirt for this tour was going to be like.  In the recent past, it was the Careless Memories single cover or the logo from the first album.  Thus, it has typically been more retro in content.  This one is no different.


Obviously, this t-shirt is focused more on the Is There Something I Should Know/Seven and the Ragged Tiger/1983 era Duran, style wise.  I loved that logo.  I still love that logo.  I don’t have much with it so I welcome that.  That said, I was really thrown by the colors here.  Those aren’t the colors I think of when I think 1983, at least not all together like this.  Then, the colors seem so off when I think about the current palette.  The blue works but the red?  The brown-orange?  I think what they should have done instead is use the retro logo but combine it with the current colors.  After all, the album cover features new and old.  On a different note, the t-shirts seem maybe slightly on the big side, size wise.  That isn’t necessarily bad, just something I observed.

All and all, I thought that the package was good.  The items were clearly made by professionals with quality.  The only part that did not live up or exceed my expectations was the t-shirt.  I’m sure that I’ll live, though!  😉  Now, if the tickets would just arrive…


DDM Gold Membership Merchandise Wrap Up

Last week I received an email letting me know that my Duran Duran Music Gold membership merchandise package had been shipped. I was surprised because I’d completely forgotten about it!  I vaguely remembered reading that it would take about 6 weeks (after renewing) to receive the merchandise, and to be honest I couldn’t even remember when I’d actually renewed, but I was excited to read that it was on its way.

The package made it to my house yesterday, and it felt a little like Christmas as I opened the long, rectangular package addressed to me. I didn’t realize that this was coming from DDM until I opened the box and pulled out the first item: an umbrella!

sorry about my beautiful place mat in the background

Admittedly, the umbrella is what sold me on the upgrade to gold membership on DDM. If I think of the amount of times I have said that I needed to bring an umbrella to a DD concert for possible use during White Lines…well, when I saw the gold package included an umbrella, we’ll just say it spoke to me. This umbrella does not disappoint and is not your ordinary drugstore umbrella.  No…this thing is HUGE, measuring about 4 feet across when open (from spine to spine across the middle) It is a push-button automatic open (pull down to release and pack away), and feels very heavy-duty compared to the cheap umbrellas I buy for our California sprinkles over the years.  Two people could easily fit underneath, and if our predicted “El Niño” weather pattern holds true for California this year, I am sure it will get a lot of use!

Yes, those are my cat's paws in the background there. She is incredibly strong-willed and not very well-behaved...and very big.
Yes, those are my cat’s paws in the background there. She is incredibly strong-willed and not very well-behaved…and very big.

After pulling out the umbrella and realizing what this package was, I excitedly pulled the rest of the merchandise out of the box: a t-shirt, a keychain in a black pouch, a power bank, a pen, a pad of post-its, and a lyric sheet.

The t-shirt came to me with the correct size, and when I tried it on, it was very roomy. The silver foil looks great, and I’m very happy with it. I’m pretty sure this is a unisex sized t-shirt, and while I’ve heard of people getting the wrong size, I am happy to say that mine worked out just fine.


The keychain (pictured without the pouch) has a nice quality silver-finish, and doubles as a bottle opener (they know their fans and I love the utilitarian value here). The interlocking D’s are engraved on it, and it’s already doing it’s duty on my keychain.

my apologies for the blur phone didn't like taking a picture of this one.
my apologies for the blur here…my phone didn’t like taking a picture of this one.

I can hardly wait to be out and about and use my power bank – especially while on tour with Amanda. Seriously, I’m always out of power with at least ONE of my electronics…so this is handy! I like that the end lights up blue and indicates when it needs charged….and truly, it takes very little to entertain me!!



The pen is a really fancy ball point pen that I haven’t tried using yet…this will be hidden deep in my closet so that my family doesn’t steal this pen like they have my others…



The post-its were probably the least exciting item in my gold package. This is not because I don’t want DD post-its, but because I will be afraid to use them for fear of the day when I run out! I’m the same way about the DD wrapping paper and other “consumable” items that the webstore sells…which probably says way more about me than anyone cares to know…

these are about 2 x 3 inches...about the same size as a typical post it. They're great unless you're like me and afraid of using them all...
these are about 2 x 3 inches…about the same size as a typical post it. They’re great unless you’re like me and afraid of using them all…

The lyric sheet was the one real “miss” in the entire package. You see, when I pulled out all of the merchandise and went through it, I realized that I didn’t have the lyric sheet. So, I looked in the box to see if I missed it. Didn’t see it right away, so then I felt around and sure enough – I found it.  The lyrics are copied onto standard thickness stationary that has a beige stippled look to it.  Kind of reminds me of the kind of paper one would use for a treasure map, so it sort of has that “old” look to it.  Nicer than putting it on a standard piece of copy paper, not quite as nice as having it on cardstock. The problem is that due to the way it was packed along the inside of the rectangle box (to fit the umbrella) and now has fold marks. I didn’t really know what I would do with this, but framing it is kind of out of the question now (probably??) since the paper is now wrinkled…but I don’t think I would have framed it anyway because that’s not really my thing. That said, I know my fellow fans. Someone out there probably would want to frame it, and this is likely going to piss that someone off.  I don’t know what DDM could have done to ship this so that it wouldn’t be folded and wrinkled, except to maybe do the merchandise in two shipments, one for the umbrella and hard sided items and another for these lyrics so they could be shipped flat. Yes, that would cost more, but I think that at least having that option available for fans (to pay for better shipping), might solve the problem. As it is now, I don’t really know what I’m going to do with these lyrics…not that I really knew what to do with them before. It’s one of those things that is nice to have since Simon wrote them (and completely mislabeled the second verse as v1, which makes me laugh because you know that he dashed these off super quick!), and now I get to figure out how best to save them.

not sure if this really shows the wrinkles as well as it does in normal light…just don’t say I didn’t warn you if you’re still waiting for your merchandise!

All in all, I’m extremely pleased with the merchandise! No, it wasn’t all that important to have, but they’re nice “extras” and I don’t treat myself to DD merchandise all that often (as in maybe once every couple of years!!). Thumbs up from me!



The Story of Two Little CD Inserts Part 1

Once upon a time, there were two little cd inserts.  These inserts were relatively happy.  After all, they had been marked by the “FOUR”, those rock stars that their owners loved so much.  Oh yes, these little inserts were lucky ones as they had been given to dedicated fans who truly appreciated and loved them.  They weren’t just thrown into the trash or hidden in some dark, lonely desk drawer.  No, they were allowed to be out and proud in well-used rooms in their owners’ homes.  At times, their owners would pick them up, sigh and give a really big smile.  Life was good.  Despite this, the little inserts knew that something was missing, something ESSENTIAL was missing.  What could it be?  The little inserts would soon found out.
About a month and a half ago, the inserts heard their owners talking to each other.  Something was definitely going on!  Something exciting!  It sounded like whatever was going had to do with those rock stars that had marked them years before!!  The inserts were extremely happy for their owners as they knew how much these owners of theirs loved the FOUR!  Even more exciting, it sounded like whatever was about to happen involved a trip!  Again, the little inserts were happy for their owners but didn’t think much of it as they didn’t travel anymore since arriving in their current resting place.  While the inserts didn’t mind going on trips, they understood that their owners didn’t want them to get lost or get damaged in some way.  Thus, they accepted their lack of traveling.  
Yet, this event seemed different!  The Wisconsin based insert noticed its owner packing one night in between exchanging messages with the California insert owner.  The little insert knew that packing meant that the house was going to be quiet and there will be no action taking place in the office in which it rested.  Suddenly, though, its owner burst into the office and grabbed the frame in which it rested!  “What was going on?!,” the little insert wondered.  “What was she doing?” it thought.  With that, the frame was opened and the insert was removed.  The insert became scared as its fate seemed unknown.  “Would she throw me away?  Would she move me to a dark drawer?  Would she sell me to some other fan?” the insert questioned.  This didn’t make any sense!  The owner loved the insert, it thought.  Then, with a huge sigh of relief, he heard her mutter, “Let’s see if we can’t get you completed!”  The insert then knew it was time to travel as its owner placed it in a blue folder along with plane ticket information, hotel information, show information and more!  The insert knew that it was in for something special!
Soon enough, the little insert and its owner were on their way.  This trip found them first driving in a car, then traveling up in the sky!  The insert had traveled by plane before but then it was in the mail, in a package.  This was different.  This time, the insert could hear its owner and other people near by talking.  While the insert wished to be out of the folder, it was still very excited by what was going to happen!  After the plane landed, the insert remained patient as its owner met up with that other insert owner.  The little insert knew enough to know that crazy things happened when those two humans were together!  The excitement increased!
The next day, the Wisconsin insert found itself traveling again in a car.  Anticipation was high as the insert owners were exhibiting enthusiasm about this trip, even though both humans tried to act so cool, so unconcerned.  Yet, the Wisconsin insert worried about where his matching insert was.  Why didn’t the California human bring her insert along?  The Wisconsin insert wished that he could be with the California insert as it felt certain that they, too, could have fun.  Wait…what’s happening?  The car is being turned around?!  What’s going on?  In fact, the car turned around a few times but the only time the Wisconsin insert cared was the last time.  Why?  It was reunited with its fellow insert!!!  The two little inserts were together!  Oh, yes, something was definitely going on!  Something big!  Important!  Exciting!  The inserts couldn’t wait!
After a brief drive, the inserts and their owners made it to their destination.  At this point, the Wisconsin human held on to both inserts.  The inserts wondered and wondered what she was going to do with them!  They hoped it would be something good!  More importantly, could this be the time in which the inserts would finally be made complete?!  They had spent years feeling like something was missing.  Could this trip be the one to end that feeling forever?!
At first, during this time that the inserts were together, it seemed quiet and uneventful.  While they still sensed some excess energy from their owners, they remained in the Wisconsin human’s purse where it was quiet and dark.  Soon enough, though, they heard music.  Good music.  Familiar music.  Very familiar music.  Could it be that the FOUR who had made their marks on them were near?!?  It would make sense and be the reason that the humans were buzzing.  Did the human have some plan for them?  Something that involved one or more of the FOUR?!  They could only hope!
The night wore on and the inserts got worried that there really was no plan for them.  They were just going to take up space in the purse.  That isn’t right!?!  Then, suddenly, they felt a human hand reaching for them and handing them over to another human.  A British human.  They heard their owners explain that this British human needed to add his mark, his signature to them!  At first, this new human didn’t seem to understand as he began to flip through the inserts, ignoring the front when the California human explained that this male human needed to add his mark on the front along side the FOUR.  Then, each insert felt the smooth motion of a pen across the front of each of them.  Then, there was nothing but a huge sigh.  RELIEF!!!  Finally, they were complete!  Whole!  They now featured the marks of all FIVE!!!!!  Yes!!!  This was the best night ever!!!!
Stay tuned as part 2 will be posted this week then any and all questions will be answered!!!

Daily Duranie Review – Duran Duran Calendar

I have spent a lot of time this week running to and from post offices and intensely watching tracking information on packages shipped.  ‘Tis the season.  One of the packages I have been watching for was the 2015 Duran Duran calendar that I knew had been shipped due to a appreciated email from the DD webstore.  I have already admitted in previous blogs that I do tend to collect a lot of Duran Duran merchandise.  I am not a complete collector, though.  I know that there are people out there who collect every piece of vinyl or every poster or every tour book, etc.  I admire those people, but I tend to buy a bunch of random stuff, including the calendars, most years.  I am not sure why I still choose to buy the calendar.  I have my own calendar that I make and love.  Still…I have a hard time resisting.  So what do I think of this year’s?  Was it worth it?

2015 calendar cover

The 2015 calendar maintains a lot of the elements of the calendar that we know and love.  For example, the calendar is large (about the size of a vinyl album) and the quality is fabulous with sturdy, glossy pictures.  As always, the band members’ birthdays are listed.  I gotta ask, though…why not include Dom’s birthday?  Of course, I could say that about Dom, in general, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  The other thing I do like about the calendar is the use of the gold font and the latest DD logo.  I like that the gold logo is on every month in the corner of a black header.  Yet, the one thing I do wonder is why the header has to be so large.  There is a lot of empty black at the top of the page.  That said, most people, most Duranies are really only concerned with the picture part of the calendar.

How are the pictures?  One thing I should say before I run through the months is that the focus is studio pictures while the band works on DD14.  The extra picture in the front is mostly equipment used with a small picture of the group working on the album that we saw so much on social media, earlier this year.  You know the one I’m talking about–the one with Nile Rodgers, Mark Ronson, Mr. Hudson, etc.  I like that picture but wish that it had been a bit bigger.  January is Simon and the pictures of him are good ones.  In fact, I would say that he looks focused.  That said, like the first picture, this one’s main focus is equipment.  February’s focus is Nick and is very similar to Simon’s in that Nick looks good and seems very focused.  John has March and unlike the first two months, one of the pictures features a smiling John.  I’m definitely not complaining about that one!  Why couldn’t that picture have been bigger, though?!?  April is owned by Roger, no surprise there.  This is the first month that the picture of the actual band member is the visual focus.  I much prefer that.  May has more of Simon and I find this month disappointing.  The pictures are harder to see.  Nick is the focus of June.  At this point, I have to ask.  Does Nick always have June?  It sure feels that way.  I know that his birthday is in June, but so is John’s.  Can’t he have his birthday month every once in awhile?!  Anyway, I really like this one as the main picture is a cool shot of Nick.  July has more smiling John!  Yay!  The visual focus there is a shot of his hand playing bass.  While I would have preferred a cool shot like the one of Nick, this is good, too.  August is Roger’s and more like June with the focus being a big picture of Roger but it isn’t as cool as Nick’s.  September is a close up shot of Simon, which is nice but I have to ask.  Why is Simon on September and not in October?  That’s weird.  As for that October, it is a nice, clear picture of Nick.  I preferred the artistic June one, though.  How is November?  I’m not gonna lie.  It is my favorite.  There is a fabulous picture of John Taylor.  Every once in awhile, my inner fangirl comes out.  The year ends with Roger and it has a silly Roger picture and a more artistic one.

So, what do I think, overall?  There are a number of times that I wish there was less focus on equipment and more on the band.  I liked some of the artistic photos the best.  There was only one month that I found really disappointing and that was the one of Simon.  Likewise, I wish that they would just embrace Dom and include him in the calendar.  So, looking at some of the strange choices and the lack of Dom, was it worth it?  As a John fan, I have to say that November almost makes it worth it by itself!  Is it the best calendar ever?  Probably not but it is pretty good considering that the photos weren’t from photo shoots or live shows, but instead were from the studio.

Was it worth the purchase then?  I would say that I’m happy that I bought it but wouldn’t have been too upset if I hadn’t bought it.  What do you think?  Did you buy it?  Do you think it was a good purchase?


Conventions and Swag!

Happy Thursday, everyone!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m struggling to get through this week. It’s been a busy one here, and given that my children are due to start school again in just a couple of weeks (they got out the last week in June), I don’t think a reprieve is on it’s way.

Today, I am seeking some opinions, and also sharing some news. Recently, Amanda and I were approached about possibly doing another convention in the spring. By “Spring” I mean either March or April – we have a couple of different weekends in mind, avoiding Easter. We have no details pegged at this point, but I can announce with certainty that the convention would be in the Los Angeles, California area – this is definite.

Amanda and I know there are many of you out there who loved Durandemonium and have been waiting for us to announce another.  It didn’t matter that the band wasn’t present or that we were way in between albums. Those who came to the event wanted to be there, to meet new people, form new friendships and have a great time. Judging purely from the people I see keeping in touch with one another on Facebook and Twitter, we think those goals were not only met, but surpassed, and we couldn’t be prouder.

I’ve mentioned many times here on the blog that in 2004, there was another Duran fan convention in New Orleans. This was a pretty magical time because not only were people looking to meet other fans, form new friendships and have a kick-ass time in New Orleans, but there was a new album coming out. The convention was at the end of September and Astronaut hit shelves a few weeks later in October. The band was out and about doing promo, and I could feel the energy reverberating through the fans for the entire weekend. It added something incredibly special and electric to the weekend, that is for sure.

This convention would be similar, assuming of course that the band stays the course and gets the album out in Spring of next year.  That same electricity would be in abundance, and I can’t really think of better ways to energize a fan community than having a fan convention just before the release of an album. Granted, we also recognize that most people are on a budget. Decisions have to be made with finances in mind, and perhaps people might feel that it’s just too close to call – assuming that the band would tour immediately following the album release. My guess (and it IS just a guess) is that even if the band released an album in the spring, and even if they started to tour during the summer – they might not come to the US first. Perhaps they’d get to us in the fall, which seems to be a pretty typical pattern for them. Ultimately though, we want to hear from you. Let us know what you think of another convention or fan weekend during the Spring (March or April) of 2015.  Would you attend? Why or why not?

In that same vein, we have been brainstorming ways to do some initial fundraising so that we can secure convention space.  As you may have guessed, when we booked the previous convention, the money used for deposits came directly out of our pockets (specifically Amanda’s!). Then we had to rush to sell tickets, many months in advance, in order to pay her back. While it wasn’t a horrible system, it led to many, MANY, sleepless nights on both of our parts, not to mention asking all of you to buy tickets some nine months before the actual event. Not a perfect system by any means. So before agreeing to do another, we had to brainstorm of ways to help pay for the conventions and planning. One of the things we decided to do was create a Daily Duranie Swag Shop using Cafepress! If you take a look up in the menu bar – you’ll see “Daily Duranie Swag Shop” up there. Click on it and it will take you directly to our shop on Cafepress. We’ve got everything from T-shirts to bags and shot glasses. Keep in mind that when you purchase, you’re helping us make Daily Duranie better, and putting on the next convention, and we really appreciate your help! Besides, who doesn’t want a Daily Duranie flask?!? We will be continuing to add to our merch and designs over the coming months, so check it out!  (One small caveat: we are still tinkering with the site, and one of the things I’m working on is the search functionality – right now nothing will come up if you search for particular items, but everything we have is on that front page so you shouldn’t miss anything!)

We would love feedback regarding a convention in the spring, and if you find yourself as an owner of some Daily Duranie Swag – take a photo and send it to us!  I’ll put it up on the site!


Duran Duran Music Gold Package Review

Are you a member of DDM?  If not, do you know what the membership covers?  Duran Duran Music (DDM), the official fan community for Duran Duran, offers two levels of memberships, a silver and a gold.  According to the website here, these levels get fans the following:

The SILVER LEVEL – only $35 per year
12 Months of Exclusives!

– Full Access to the NEW Duran Duran VIP community
– Access to Presale Tickets, tour and show updates, set lists etc. when band is on tour
– VIP Ticket Packages (including amazing seats, exclusive items) when band is on tour
– Exclusive Content JUST for community members including a monthly band audio interview 
– Monthly Contests to win personal items, signed merch, Meet & Greets when band is on tour and more 
– FAN2FAN Features (Personalize and customize your fan site, create your own fan blogs, journals, and photo albums that you can share with other members, participate in forums, and private messaging)
– Communicate and share with other Members 

The gold package offers all of that plus additional merchandise.  The additional merchandise listed below was updated in February.    

GOLD members receive everything in SILVER (a $35 value) PLUS:

– An exclusive NEW T-shirt designed by Patty Palazzo featuring a gold foil design 
– Stylish multi-compartment messenger bag with brand new Duran logo on flap 
– Heavy-duty hard top mouse pad – perfect for home or office 
– Red and black logo’d luggage tag for traveling in style 
– Fridge magnet with new interlocking DD logo
– Executive-style embossed padfolio with interior card slots 
– Executive leather pen with logo’d silver cap 
– Welcome letter from Simon Le Bon 

Since I recently received my package, I thought it would be good to share my review of the merch, in case anyone was thinking about signing up!

New t-shirt:

Gold t-shirt

First, I love the design.  I have to admit that I love most of Patty Palazzo’s designs but there is something that I REALLY like about this one.  Perhaps, I feel like she has captured the Duran essence in that it is ALL about the music.  It isn’t about the band’s looks or anything like that.  It is about the music.  Second, the fact that foil is used is so cool.  It gives the shirt something special.  Lastly, the quality is good as is the size.  I have heard that some people did not like the sizing but it worked well for me.

Messenger Bag:

bag 2

I was really unsure about this.  I had the messenger bag from one of the last gold packages and really liked that one.  At first glance, this one seemed cheap.  The material was thinner, the strap was not as long, and it wasn’t that big.  Yet, I have been using it a lot this last week and I have found it to be very useful.  First, the material is different than the last one.  I suspect that while this material is less thick and provides less padding, this one would be easier to clean.  While the strap doesn’t go as long, it is a perfect length for me.  The same is true with the size.  It fits my laptop perfectly.  I also like that this one can be closed in a more secure fashion than the last one, which was just closed with a tiny piece of velcro at the top.  Lastly, the color scheme is much more my style and I adore this logo.  If this is what they will be going with for DD14, I’m all for it!

Mouse Pad:

mouse pad

I thought this was a strange choice.  While I realize that some people still use desktops and/or a separate mouse with a laptop, I just don’t see a lot of mouse pads being bought and sold.  This particular mouse pad is a nice size with a smooth finish and again that cool logo.  For me personally, this just won’t get as much use as other items in the package simply because I use my laptop a lot more.

Luggage Tag:

luggage tag

This one really made me smile.  As someone who travels to go see shows, I love the idea of having a Duran Duran luggage tag to use!  Let’s hope I have shows to travel for soon enough!  Again, this one keeps with the color scheme of black and red with the same logo.  As you can see by the picture, it is not made with some cheap plastic.  Likewise, it is attached to your luggage with a real buckle.  Quality.
















I like magnets.  I like Duran Duran magnets.  I have the magnet from the previous package up.  I also have a magnet I got from going to a Live from London screening in 2005 and the little magnets of the guys from the Astronaut tour.  This one isn’t huge, but decent sized to hold up comics and pictures.



For those not familiar with these, they can hold small notepads, a pen, and other papers and/or business cards.  I use the other one from the AYNIN era package in meetings.  Thus, I looked forward to having another one to use for a different purpose.  This one, like the previous one, does not disappoint.  Again, it has the cool new logo.

Executive Pen:


This pen looks far cooler than the usual pens I use!  I go for cheap, at work, because they typically get used by a student only never to be returned!  The look of the black at the bottom and grey at the top with the logo makes it look sharp!  It has a smooth finish when using it and fits in well in the pad folio.  I thought this was a nice touch!

Welcome Letter:

Welcome letter

In previous packages, there was a letter included.  I was amused that this one was addressed to, “Friend of Duran Duran”.  This kind of thing is fine as long as people are aware that it is just a nice copy and not an original letter.


I thought this was a really nice package.  They included a lot of items and loved how well they all went together, in terms of the color scheme and the new logo.  Money well-spent.