Fitting It In

How can a week be both monotonous and crazed? That’s how my weeks have felt. On one hand, I swear it is like living in a never-ending reel of “Groundhog Day”, but at the same time, I feel so busy! Things were fine when we were staying at home all of the time and I didn’t drive the youngest back and forth to school. By “fine”, of course, I mean I had nothing to do but clean the house and cook. Not exactly fun, but I didn’t feel busy, either. Nowadays, I’m trying to cram in writing, producing content for podcasts, editing those podcasts, and then taking the child to and from school….not to mention cooking, cleaning and grocery shopping. While I love doing the podcasts, on occasion, I am realizing that I can’t keep up with the pace. So, for a while, I’m going to write when I can, podcast when I can, and somehow manage.

To that point, I’m managing this week by writing, obviously. There are a couple of topics I want to focus on, so let’s get started!

Update on Dom

Are you starved for music?The one thing I wish Duran Duran could have done during the pandemic was play together, and unfortunately – that’s just not something they’ve been able (or willing) to do. Dom must have heard me crying into my morning cereal or something, because he’s announced a free online gig. Direct from his London Rockwood Studios, he’ll be appearing with his band “The Stand-Ins”, featuring Dom on guitar and vocals, John Hogg on bass and vocals (Roger Daltrey, The Magpie Salute), Mike Bramwell – keyboards (Suzi Quatro), Jeremy Stacey – drums (Sheryl Crow, Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds), and Anna Ross (yes, THAT Anna! Yay!). It is at 8pm GMT (4pm EDT, 3pm CDT, 1pm PDT) on Thursday, April 22. Yes!! I’ll definitely be tuning in. Live music, while beginning to be seen and heard at very small venues like wineries here on the central coast of California where I live, is still far and few in between. This gig is exactly what I’ve needed.

For those who plan to watch – here’s the link: The Stand-Ins Live Stream. See you in the chat!!

New Duran Duran Single “Imminent”?

There aren’t many phrases that invoke a visceral sort of reaction from me. Short sentences like, “Mom, I cut myself. Bad!”, or maybe messages from Amanda that start out (either in text or over a voice mail), “This is an Official Duranie Alert” usually get me going in the same sort of way, I suppose. My heart races before my body even gets moving (laugh if you must, but this is the reality in my post-40 years!). Either I end up delighted that the “bad cut” isn’t really quite as awful or gruesome as I’d feared, or there’s excitement immediately followed by irrational nerves and fear. Either way, fight or flight tends to kick in!

It was much the same last week when, during my listening of a playback of Whooosh! on SiriusXM, Katy said words I’ve been waiting to hear – “A new Duran Duran single is imminent!” Simon enthusiastically agreed, saying it would be any day now, and Katy announced that it would “definitely be played on Whooosh!”

After nearly throwing my laptop in the air with jubilation, I settled back to reflect. Does this mean it will premiere on Whooosh! as opposed to something a “bit” more worldwide, or will they just play it on Whooosh! as another promotional effort? Now, I know what you’re thinking here, “Rhonda, it isn’t your job to be concerned about such things. Who cares where they premiere it – we just want it!”

You’re right, none of this is my job. I just can’t help cringing a bit over concern that they’d use the SiriusXM platform as a way to premiere a song to people who hadn’t yet really “discovered” Duran Duran in the same way their fans – people they can already almost guarantee will listen at some point – have done. If the end goal is to promote the band to new audiences of people who might not have listened otherwise, would premiering a song on satellite radio have more oomph behind it than say, premiering the song on YouTube or Facebook or Instagram Live, to people who likely are already residing in the “Will stream/will buy” column? Spoiler alert: I don’t know the answer to this.

When Amanda and I chatted last week, both of us said we wouldn’t be surprised if premiering a new single on SiriusXM’s Whooosh! was the action taken by DDHQ, but we would also immediately don our foil hats and take cover in our nuclear bunkers out of fear of what we think might be incoming as result. I suppose we will soon see. In fact, by the time this article posts – we might even know the answer, which means I’ll be back in the editing room to adjust as necessary!!

Even IF they were to decide to play the song on Whooosh!, I would hope that a plan to premiere the single to the rest of the world – including the millions of US fans who do not subscribe to SiriusXM – would immediately follow. Regardless, the thought of being just days, hours, or minutes away from new Duran Duran music, as opposed to years, is exciting! In a matter of months, we’ll be chatting about the new Duran Duran album, and it will be the third we’ve covered here on Daily Duranie.

Wouldn’t it be funny if the new single were named, “Imminent”??? (No, no it would not…but it wouldn’t be the first time this band got me!)

I can’t wait!

That’s it for this week! Thanks for sticking with me!


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Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.

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