The Love’s Taking Over Tour 1990

Written and recorded shortly after Duran Duran’s Big Live Thing tour, the general consensus has always been that Liberty is the most uneven of the Duran Duran albums. The good songs are very good but the not-so-wonderful songs smell a little too much like hash oil and steroid sweat. However, what makes for an uneven… Continue reading The Love’s Taking Over Tour 1990

Big Trashy Thing

Big Thing

No one cares, but this is their best by miles. – Robert Christgau As much as I love and appreciate every word Robert Christgau has ever written on music, he has never been a fan of my favorite bands. The Big Three for me as I turned 13 were Duran Duran, Howard Jones, and Thompson Twins.… Continue reading Big Trashy Thing

The Week in DD History: October 18-24, 2020

You know it’s a rough week when you’re already a day behind and it’s just Monday. Without further delay, here is your week in Duran Duran history for October 18-24! October 18 Big Thing released (1988…where does the time go???) Durandemonium began on this date in Chicago (2013). For those who are unaware – this… Continue reading The Week in DD History: October 18-24, 2020