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By now, I’m sure most everyone has either gotten an email, seen the tweets and posts, or has heard about the DD weekend in Ibiza through word of mouth. If not – well, SURPRISE! There’s a Duran Duran weekend in Ibiza coming up at the end of April in 2022!

Basically, and I mean this – I know next to nothing about it. This weekend had been announced back in 2020 at some point when it was far too early in the pandemic to truly believe it would happen, and as such the date has been moved out a couple of times now, currently settling on the last weekend in April of 2022. For me personally, the weekend is impossible. A – it’s much too far from California to travel for such a short time, and I can’t get away for longer. B – it is the weekend of my daughter’s birthday. I can’t justify missing that for “me” time. Even so, I can’t help but be curious.

I have been told that at least originally, booking the weekend seemed complicated, as there were several levels of accommodations for all budgets. Not all fans would be at the same hotel, which to me as a curious bystander, just seemed odd. If I were going, I’d want to be at a hotel with all of my friends and Duranie counterparts. That’s more than half of the fun, isn’t it?

They do still seem to be calling the weekend “Touch the Sunrise”, which was the original name, but beyond that – I can’t tell if the promoter or planning has changed at all. I am curious if it is all still set up the same as before. The way DDHQ announced it this morning my time made it seem as though it was a brand new event. Of course it is not – it’s just that the original date had been pushed out a year or more at this point. For just £30 you can hold your spot, but rest assured the final price tag won’t stop there!

At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a lot of information on the site – but maybe once signed up for the interest list, there will be more details to look at. I’m not sure, and I’m not signing up for the list because I don’t dare tempt myself. It isn’t as though I couldn’t use a weekend (or many) on the beach somewhere, not to mention one with Duran Duran lingering about and a full open-air show for fans. It sounds amazing, and if it were somewhere that didn’t require so much travel time, on any other weekend of the year, I’d consider it.

Are you going? If so, let me know. We will definitely be looking for a special correspondent to share the fun with Daily Duranie readers!!


By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.


  1. I just put in my down payment for this event. I can’t lie, this trip is a luxury for me but I have money saved up so I’m going for it! even though I’m going solo I know at least a couple of my Duranie friends will be joining me. I would love to be your corespondent! I’m a travel writer, after all!

  2. Hi Susan,

    We would love having you be the special correspondent on the scene for Daily Duranie that weekend! I hope it’s a fabulous trip for you!! -R

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