Vodka Friday: We Want You!

No, this is not a propaganda poster. This is not an advertisement to convince you to join the army or some other organization. (Yes, I am a history teacher. Yes, I cover propaganda.) Instead, this is about Rhonda and myself centering ourselves and this blog around our main mission, which is the fans. We originally started this blog by saying that we wanted to share the state of Duran Duran fandom. Of course, as fans, sometimes, we have veered away based on what we have felt like writing about or what the band has been up to. Still, it is time to refocus. We would like to showcase YOU, all of you, each of you. Each and every time we hold a get together we are reminded that all fans have a story. How and when did you become a fan? Why? What are some of your favorite fan memories? Those are just a few questions that come up pretty regularly when we hang out with other fans. So, instead of us just hearing these stories, let’s share them. Our Vodka Friday explains in more detail!



  1. Hey ladies!! I would be honored to do a taping with y’all!! This would be fun.. I love hearing about how peeps got to Duran and the crazy stories to getting to meet them.. love it!!

    1. Author

      Great! What is a good way for us to be in contact with you to set up a day and time? Thanks!!! -A

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