Poll: Design the next album cover!

Okay, so here’s the thing: I have never heard of a single Duran Duran album cover that every fan loved. Typically, someone complains because there’s not a picture of the band. Someone else manages to say that the colors are all wrong. Another fan laments that they didn’t really use artwork in the right way, and someone else says that the cover is just too busy.

If any of that describes you, or your reaction to the last album cover (Paper Gods), this poll is for you!

Let’s pretend you have discovered your true life’s ambition, and that is to be an art director. You have just been handed Duran Duran’s next album, and your job is to design the cover. We have a low budget, folks. We can’t have cool artwork AND Duran Duran – too expensive. You’re going to have to choose. Good luck!

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