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Nearly every year for as long as I can remember, the subject of Christmas songs has always come up at least once during the holiday season. What I really mean is, someone always asks “Why hasn’t the band ever done a Christmas song?”

Granted, the retort is typically one like this, “They DID. They recorded ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas’ with Band Aid in 1984!” Naturally, the original poster comes back with a tart, “I know that. I meant a traditional Christmas song like ‘Jingle Bells’ or ‘White Christmas’….or <enter any Christmas song here>.”

Generally, this opens the door for debate. Depending on the year and people responding, the climate could go from sunny and warm, to dark and stormy in a matter of moments, purely depending upon the kindness and patience of those involved. Some people would love the band to record a carol, others prefer they stick to the business of creating their own original, non-holiday tunes.

So, let’s cut to the chase: the question of whether or not they should record them isn’t up for debate. It is Christmas Eve. We’re pretending for this one single day that yes, they should record their own version of a holiday song. So which one should it be? Send us your answer via commenting below, or posting on Facebook or Twitter. Remember this is just for fun, there are bonus points for creativity, and have a WONDERFUL HOLIDAY SEASON.


By Daily Duranie

Once upon a time, there were two Duran Duran fans. One named Amanda, the other named Rhonda. Over many vodka tonics, they would laugh about the idea of one day writing a book about their fan experiences. While that manuscript is still being composed...Rhonda thought they should write a blog. (What was she THINKING?!) Lo and behold: The Daily Duranie was born.

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  1. There’s a song that comes in our store radio at Christmastime that I believe is called ‘Santa Baby’ that I enjoy because the way the lady sings it. It seems like it’s from the 40’s, and she had a bit of a spoiled fun vibe. No doubt you or Jason will know the version I’m talking about.But that could be a fun song for Duran, I can imagine Simon really camping it up and maybe changing a few lyrics to suit the bands individual tastes. And my knowledge of Christmas songs is really limited. I would love them to find a very musically rich song to add to. Adeste Fidelis is my only other idea-but loaded with all the texture and imagination that Nick can muster.

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