What Is a Collector?

By Sandra What makes a person a good collector or a bad collector? Does the amount of pieces in a collectionmatter? Those are all the questions that someone might asked themselves before showing theircollection to others. Yes, that conversation will have a lot of different answers from all differentopinions. None of them are better than… Continue reading What Is a Collector?

When John and Renée Spent Christmas in Aarhus, Denmark

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

By Heidi I have met Duran Duran so many times. At least in my head. The thing is I’m torn between wanting to meet them and being afraid I would be disappointed if I did meet them. Just a few minutes of saying hi and getting an autograph seems like too little and the same… Continue reading When John and Renée Spent Christmas in Aarhus, Denmark

The Vicious Cycle

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By Nat Duran Duran just announced three September Hollywood Bowl shows. Some of us thought theband should commemorate their fortieth anniversary with a special event. Several band membersexpressed their thoughts on the matter. Then, Duran released the Anniversary video which feltcelebratory of their lengthy relationship. Perhaps these shows could suffice as a quasi-anniversary show or… Continue reading The Vicious Cycle

All of You Review: Unique for Duran Duran

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By Heidi The song opens playful enough with the bass, but quickly falters to have a repetitive bland synth in the foreground. I often have the feeling that Duran Duran clutter the sound with too many indistinct instruments. That does not happen with All of You.  The instrumentation suits the clarity of the lyrics in… Continue reading All of You Review: Unique for Duran Duran