Ten Years???

All You Need is Now

If you have been paying attention to Duran Duran’s social media at all lately, you have seen posts/tweets about the “Countdown” to the ten year anniversary of the band’s All You Need Is Now album. Some of the posts have been video clips that were released then, merchandise that was sold to mark the occasion,… Continue reading Ten Years???

Memorabilia Medley: Signed albums

I don’t know how common this is, but back in the 80s when I thought I was super busy with school and clarinet practice – yet still had considerable time for daydreaming, I thought about goals. One of my goals, was to someday have something signed by Duran Duran. Granted, I was a kid then.… Continue reading Memorabilia Medley: Signed albums

The Week in DD History: Sept 20-26, 2020

I’m a couple of days late getting this post out, my apologies! As we continue to write these each week, I am learning what works best so that the dates are easy to read. I’m trying something a little different this week, so let’s see if it makes it all any better! Since we are… Continue reading The Week in DD History: Sept 20-26, 2020