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I Get It

I was wrong about something, and while I’m super depressed, I’m also willing to admit my mistake. For years now, I have chided the band for continuing to play show, after show, after show, filled with primarily “hits”, leaving little room for anything else. Decades have now drifted by, with barely space for three or possibly four “new” songs, and …

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Music Lives!

This past weekend, I went to my first concert since Covid began. It was everything I had hoped and wished for…and I even danced! I have to believe that this is only the beginning, and that this summer will bring the same joy I felt this weekend to many others across the globe. Let’s talk about it! -R

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Leaving a Light On

Out of seemingly nowhere last week, I decided to listen to the entire discography of Duran Duran. Mind you, it has been months since I listened to any Duran Duran, outside of what I needed to do in order to write the reviews Amanda and I have been working on. For a while after the Paper Gods tour, I stopped …

Random Fandom

Remember when we used to complain about how expensive concerts were? Now, I know for some, you’ve been lucky enough to buy tickets for Hyde Park or another show next summer. Truth be told, had I been willing to fly out of the country, I could have done the same. Fact is, I’m just not quite ready to commit to …

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Random Fandom: Concert Weirdos

Last week, I quit Twitter. I took one last look through my old tweets, said a few silent goodbyes to people and accounts I’ve followed from the beginning, and deactivated my personal account. It was strange, but also just the teeniest bit of a relief. Before the conspiracy theories commence, it had nothing to do with anything except time, as …