Night and Day United

Here is another take on last week’s shows! -R By Dee R. On Thursday August 19th 2021, my friend Jane and I met for the first time since Christmas 2019. As we stood on a busy street, saying our goodbyes after spending an afternoon catching up, we discussed what we would like to happen with Duran… Continue reading Night and Day United

The Perfect First Duran Duran Experience

By Dee Cooke This wasn’t meant to be my first ever Duran Duran gig… but I’m so glad that it was! I was originally meant to see Duran live for the first time in Dublin in June 2020, and then again a month later in Hyde Park. However, those shows were of course postponed to 2021,… Continue reading The Perfect First Duran Duran Experience

Dream Come True

Our infamous tweet before the show in Brum

This week, I had the pleasure of seeing pictures from friends who had traveled to Birmingham. What I enjoyed most was seeing places captured that reminded me of the trip I made to Duran Duran’s “birthplace” back in 2011. Going to Birmingham was a bucket list item for me in the same way some people… Continue reading Dream Come True

Changed Honeymoon Plans Create More Joy!

The happy couple: honeymooners Nick & Suzanne!

By Nick Thompson Let’s set the scene: a Tuesday evening in a run down area one mile out of the Birmingham city centre. A venue capacity of 2500 people, with a full-queue around the block of an old converted church and assembly hall to see Duran play live for the first time in five years.… Continue reading Changed Honeymoon Plans Create More Joy!

Presales, Practice…and Joy

For the DD fan community-at-large, Tuesday became an important day as presales began for the upcoming, recently announced shows at the O2 Institute in Birmingham. The gigs are just a mere three weeks away! While they indeed present a bit more than just the normal struggle for international fans outside of England to attend, the… Continue reading Presales, Practice…and Joy

I’ve seen the signs and the looks and the pictures…

It’s that day when I have to think long and hard about what memorabilia I could possibly have on hand, or at least know enough about, in order to write a blog post. This time, I think I’ve got a good one! A few weeks back, I was searching for pictures of me with my… Continue reading I’ve seen the signs and the looks and the pictures…