Just Before Liftoff: Astronaut in 2004

This time of year always reminds me of two things: the Friends of Mine Convention in New Orleans, and the release of Astronaut in 2004. These two events took place just weeks apart from one another, and the whole fan community had a buzz of energy. Back in those days, I don’t think things were… Continue reading Just Before Liftoff: Astronaut in 2004

Dream Come True

Our infamous tweet before the show in Brum

This week, I had the pleasure of seeing pictures from friends who had traveled to Birmingham. What I enjoyed most was seeing places captured that reminded me of the trip I made to Duran Duran’s “birthplace” back in 2011. Going to Birmingham was a bucket list item for me in the same way some people… Continue reading Dream Come True

Changed Honeymoon Plans Create More Joy!

The happy couple: honeymooners Nick & Suzanne!

By Nick Thompson Let’s set the scene: a Tuesday evening in a run down area one mile out of the Birmingham city centre. A venue capacity of 2500 people, with a full-queue around the block of an old converted church and assembly hall to see Duran play live for the first time in five years.… Continue reading Changed Honeymoon Plans Create More Joy!


Normally, I don’t blog on Mondays, other than write my portion of the review for the upcoming week, and whatever other posts I want to compose ahead of time. Today, however, I’m making an exception because today marks another year for Daily Duranie. On this day eleven years ago, I wrote and published the first… Continue reading Eleven